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The xyZET Simulation Program

Attention: The development of xyZET has been terminated!
xyZET is an interactive general-purpose simulation program, enabling users to visualize complex and difficult physics processes. It supports explorative experimentation but can as well be used during lectures. One of its main features is the 3-dimensional visualization and animation of particles interacting on the basis of different forces (including spring, gravity, Coulomb, and contact) and fields (including gravity, electric, and magnetic). Numerous preprogrammed experimental situations are delivered with xyZET, new experiments can be created interactively. All experiments run in a cube which can be rotated and viewed from arbitrary angles.

What makes xyZET unique are not only its 3-dimensional capabilities, but also its options for customizing the user interface for better use in teaching, and that it can be operated by remote control via the internet.

xyZET is implemented in plain C and is being developed running Linux and X11/OSF-Motif on PCs, but has also been ported to Windows9x/ME/NT4.0, where an additional X server software is needed.


  • Version 1.04 of xyZET was winner of the "European Academic Software Award 1994" for physics.
  • Version 2.2 of xyZET was winner of the "CiSE Software Contest 1999" of the American magazine "Computing in Science & Engineering".
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A complex electrostatical experiment
Fig.1: A complex electrostatical experiment with several control panels opened.
An equipotential surface
Fig.2: An experiment with reduced user interface, ready to be operated by remote control.