Lore Hoffmann, Andreas Krapp, K. Ann Renninger,
and Jürgen Baumert (Eds.)

Interest and Learning
Proceedings of the Seeon Conference
on Interest and Gender

Kiel, IPN, 1998. 427 S.
ISBN 3-89088-131-9
18,- €

The First International Conference on Interest Research took place at the Institute for Science Education (IPN) in Kiel, Germany in 1984 (Lehrke, M., Hoffmann, L., & Gardner, P.L. (Eds.), 1985). It focused on students' interest in science and technology education. The relation between interest and gender was chosen as the theme of the second conference.

These Proceedings consist of papers presented at the Second International Conference on Interest held at Seeon Lake, Germany, in June of 1996. The conference was organized to facilitate discussions about: (1) the development, differentiation, and change of interest(s) with age, (2) gender-specific differences in interest(s) and their impact on development, and (3) the role of interest as a condition and result of formal learning, including both school and vocational training. 


  1. Introduction
  2. General Topics in the Study of Interest  
  3. Presentations Specific to the Development of Preschool and Elementary School Children  
  4. Presentations Specific to the Development of Secondary Level I (Middle School and High School Through 10th Grade) Students  
  5. Presentations Specific to the Development of Secondary Level II (11th and 12th Grade and Post Secondary) Students  
  6. Future Directions List of Participants
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