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Unit 7   


Human genetics: debate of a personal dilemma.

This debate 'game' was devised by Katrine Drumm, Allan Wege and Christina Christensen for Eksperimentarium, the Danish science centre in Copenhagen. It was one of the contributions to the European Week for Scientific Culture in 1994, under the heading of 'European debate games on biotechnology'. Four 'games' or debates were included; two concentrating on discussions on a personal level and two on a socio-political level. The first two 'games' were translated from Danish into English, French, German and Swedish for the science week.

The activity in this EIBE Unit is one of the first 'games': a dilemma on a personal level. It has been used throughout Europe, involving more than 1,000 students and 40 teachers and debate leaders in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden and The United Kingdom. On the basis of these experiences, the teacher's guide to the debate has been revised by
members of the EIBE team.

The unit includes detailed guidelines and information for the teacher, a student package of materials consisting of background notes and a variety of resource materials and a final questionnaire.


Development, EIBE team, copyright and acknowledgements
About the Unit

  • Introduction
  • A suggested lesson plan

Guidelines for teachers

  • 'Fact or fiction?'
  • Formation of groups
  • Introduction for lesson 1
  • Setting the scene
  • A biology debriefing

Materials for students

  • Student package 1:
     - Genetic disorders in the year 2005
  • Student package 2:
    - A letter from Smalltown hospital;
     - Three newspaper articles
  • Student package 3:
     - Questionnaire