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Unit 3  


Biscuits and biotechnology

Biscuits and biotechnology concerns the production of biscuits and some of the questions that arise from the use of novel sweeteners in them (including the use of enzymes derived from genetically-modified sources).

The unit includes a student booklet with background information, question cards for a quiz, details of a practical taste testing activity, a biscuit recipe and worksheets for two laboratory activities using industrial enzymes.



Student booklet

  • The secret of biscuits

Practical activities

  • Introduction
  • Activity 1 : The biscuit quiz
  • Activity 2 : A spot of sensory analysis
  • Activity 3 : Biscuit making
  • Activity 4 : The use of Amyloglucosidase (AMG)
  • Activity 5 : The use of immobilised glucose isomerase (Sweetzyme®)


  • The biscuit quiz : Question cards