Unit 20

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The Enzyme Game

This unit is a boardgame for 4 players, devised to introduce players to the many different factors involved in commercial enzyme production and utilisation.

Each player is responsible for an enzyme which has to complete a circuit of the board while overcoming various hurdles. Players are made to consider factors affecting both the production of a commercial enzyme and its subsequent use in terms of optimal conditions and costs.

The board, data sheets, cards and currency are ready to print and photocopy. In addition counters and a die will be needed, alternatively spinner discs can be made from the templates provided and used instead of the die.



The rules

The game board

Resources for playing

  • Enzyme data sheets
  • Chance cards
  • Production cards
  • Utilisation cards
  • Currency

Optional resources

  • Spinners
    • Production spinner
    • Utilisation spinner