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Unit 2


DNA profiling

DNA Profiling comprises information and discussion questions about DNA fingerprinting and DNA profiling, with instructions for a practical simulation.

The Unit is designed to stimulate debate in the classroom. DNA fingerprinting, especially its use in criminal databases, raises important issues for society. Some of the more frequently-raised concerns are examined.

An introductory section provides some background information on DNA profiling and its development. This is followed by some case studies and explanations of modern applications of the technique, and its reliability.

Questions that can be used to stimulate debate in the classroom about the application of DNA profiling are also provided.

The remainder of this Unit is a practical simulation using DNA gel electrophoresis.



Safety, copyright and acknowledgements

DNA Profiling

  • The background
  • The technology

Classical profiling

  • Examples

Modern profiling


Some issues for discussion


Practical simulation of DNA fingerprinting