Unit 19


Biotechnology education through drama

In September 1999 nine non-science students from the School of Communication Studies at Holland University started -after suggestions from EIBE -a project to produce a drama about biotechnology. They gave performances in an Amsterdam theatre and in the auditorium of the university in April and May 2000. The aim of the project was to make a contribution to closing the communication gap between science and society. The resources used in the preparative research were EIBE units, recent TV programs and newspaper articles and didactical studies on perceptions of (biotechnological) genetics.

This unit outlines ways of approaching the use of drama in education, details the practical steps in making a production and includes notes and evaluation of the project at the University of Holland.


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About this Unit

Why drama?

Educational drama

  • Aims
  • Objectives
  • Evaluation

The Direction

Practical notes for direction

Production planning

An example of a student production about genetic modification

  • Evaluation