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Unit 10 


Transgenic plants II: economy, environment and ethics.

EIBE Unit 10 is a role play. It is based on the decision an imaginary town council has to make as to whether or not they should give permission to a local plant breeding firm, to develop and release transgenic plants. Although the methodology is oriented towards a rôle-play the materials can also be used as background for a debate. Information is given about the town, risk assessment, trials on the release of transgenic plants in different countries, as well as newspaper articles, etc.

The Unit is cross referenced to Unit 9, which gives more scientific background to understanding how transgenic plants are made and what steps and regulations are taken before they can be released into the environment. Societal issues are emphasised more than scientific concepts. The Unit could therefore also be appealing to non-science teachers and students.


Guide lines for the teacher

  • Aims
  • Prior knowledge
  • Timing
  • Debriefing
  • List of roles

The roles


  • List of characters
  • Setting the scene
  • Map of Smalltown
  • Advice to the council
  • New article: Fireworks!
  • International discussion of risk evaluation

Newspaper cuttings

  • News article: Partytime
  • Gene technology and ethics